Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hello Lovelies

Hello! Do you smell that fresh new blog sent? Well I do! This post marks the first post made on this blog. 
This picture was taken with my web cam. Most of my pictures will be taken with an actual camera.
This picture was just to show you what I look like and how excited I am.

My name is Madison and I am the obvious owner of this blog. I decided to make this blog because summer break has just begun and a couple of days ago I graduated from high school. So some big changes are happening in my life. This blog is away to write them all down and have them in a place that I can look back on. The post are going to vary from what events are happening in my life, to outfit of the day, to how I feel, hopefully some d.i.y, and a lot more. So hold on to your desk chair (or whatever you’re sitting on) and get ready to go on this journey called life with me. 

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