Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thrifting with my Brother

Today I went thrift shopping with my brother.  I have been thrift shopping before, but never with my brother, so it was interesting. We went to a couple of different places, but we didn’t buy much. This post is also going to be an outfit of the day post yay! So I will do the ootd part first and then the haul of what we bought. 
I look like I'm mad, but I'm not. This is the whole outfit. The shorts are from PacSun. 
Shirt is from Marshalls.  

Glasses are from Charlotte Russe.

Gladiator sandals are from some store in France.

Yellow bracelet is from a program I did at the Library when I was younger. The red bracelet is from a small Chinese shop. The green bracelet is from a leather shop. The ring is from a thrift store.
It's hot here so I wanted to wear something that would keep me from having a heat stroke. 
When I went shopping I ended up getting a blouse and a cup. While my brother got two cups.
The blouse I got. It has shoulder pads, but Im going to cut them off.

The cup I got.

The cups my brother got.
Neither of us found what we really wanted, but I think it was a well-spent day. At least we got some sibling bonding time.

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